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11 Steps to Get the Most From Practicing the Piano

You’ve finally decided to begin piano lessons. Maybe you’re brand new to piano lessons, or maybe you’re returning after many years. Whatever your circumstances, you should be congratulated.

When you start piano lessons, your teacher will tell you what to practice but may or may not tell you how to practice. I won’t tell you what to practice, but I will give you several tips on how to get the most out of practicing the piano. Continue reading

Mother helping daughter at the piano

8 Essential Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Play the Piano

Congratulations on your decision to provide your child with music lessons! There are many ways to help your child learn to play the piano, and have fun together as well.

If you were investing your money in the stock market, a piece of property or prize horses, you would watch and monitor your investment closely—and often. If not, you would certainly end up losing all the money you put into it.

By the same token, you are investing your money and time in music lessons, including an instrument for your child. So, it is just as advisable for you to oversee the lessons you are paying for. Continue reading

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Benefits of Piano Lessons

Today’s school-age children have many choices of after-school activities. Here is a list of the benefits of piano lessons that may convince you to sign them up. Your child may not become the next Tori Amos or Chris Martin of ColdPlay, but he or she will enjoy improvements in many areas of his or her life. Read on to discover some of the benefits of music education.

Developing discipline, being part of the music and arts world, and acquiring skills that your child can be proud of are some of the many benefits to music education. Continue reading